What are we about?

Inspiration to imagine can come from anywhere. Imagination is the foundation of learning and fun. At Firedrake Productions we use ours to create stuff your audience will want to watch.

Firedrake Productions, LLC (Firedrake) is a film and video company dedicated to producing quality factual, fun, non-fiction programming targeted to a mainstream audience. In the crowded and oversaturated world of video entertainment it’s important to offer something innovative and new. Firedrake Productions’ mission is to be the leader in creating quality media product that engage your audience and get results.

Connect with your audience

What if you could personally speak to every person who clicked on your website? Would more people remain engaged long enough to make a purchasing decision? What if that video convinced viewers they needed your product or service and that yours was the only company that they should do business with? That’s the power of video. Your website can deliver your message with impact and urgency, rather than hoping that someone reads the right part of it.

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